The cousin’s wedding

The days with the cast fly very fast. I could hardly imagine that eight weeks had passed since the accident. My cousin’s wedding had come. A few weeks earlier, I hoped that I would get rid of the cast by then and dance all night at the party. But that was an illusion. I love weddings. Unfortunately, this wedding should be different for me than the previous ones, because of that blue that holds my leg trapped.

It started in the church. Unfortunately I could not wear high heels. The wedding ceremony was beautiful and awing, of course. A young, happy, loving couple. Later dinner, music and dance. I spent the time talking to family members I had not seen for a long time. But how long can you sit? A wedding without dancing is boring. So I have made up courage and asked partners for a dance. It worked. The first danced slowly and calmly, but then it was getting vividly. The dance techniques with the casted lady varied, depending on the type of music and the creativity of the partners. There were half turns and even a cancan on one leg. I have asked all uncles, cousins and of course the groom. Men carried me across the floor, which probably pleases every woman.But it also took a lot of strength from me. After some time the healthy leg ached and the injured leg had swollen toes. They looked like sausages. The cast had become tight. By midnight, the common sense ended my career as a gypsy dancer. I spent the rest of the wedding much calmer. A few days later I still had sore muscles in my left leg. So the training was ok.

Monday after the wedding, I went to the doctors for the next check. Bone growth was more advanced but still not as far as desired. Fortunately, the connection of the bones is visible on the x-ray photo. The orthopaedist decided to leave me in the cast for the next two weeks. Only then the fight for every step will begin. But I was ready for this challenge and I could not wait to get rid of my blue boot. I hoped that I would never have this dubious pleasure again in my life.

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