Statistics of the time with the cast

After another two weeks, I spent a total of over 10 weeks in the cast, exactly 72 days and a half day. Meanwhile, 70 injections of anticoagulant drugs were in my stomach, leaving bruises temporarily. I had a plaster cast for five weeks and the other five weeks a synthetic one. In addition, during this time I had over a dozen bruises on my hands and a lot of pain on my shoulders. The muscles on the arms increased by almost two centimetres. I travelled hundreds of miles on a stationary bike and had countless hours of exercise on the mat.

I missed the entire summer sports season: a few starts of half-marathons I wanted to take part in, and of course a whole series of running, cycling and mountain trips that I had planned for this time. I read some waiting books, watched a few movies and found that there was not much to see on TV. In plaster, I supported our athletes at the European Football Championship and at the Olympic Games. I also got a baptism and a wedding in a cast version. I’ve also turned brown, which is, of course, the best way to build vitamin D over the sun, which helps bone growth, as part of rehabilitation.I spent so much time with my parents that I’ve made up for the fifteen years since I stopped living with them. But above all, I learned the qualities I always lacked, namely, humility, patience, calm, and self-control. A solid attitude to life. But plaster is only the first chapter and the second chapter is coming, the life after the cast. And it turns out that learning to walk again with the leg is a much bigger challenge

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