World News – Pensioner who broke legs of nurse escapes driving ban

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World News – Pensioner who broke legs of nurse escapes driving ban A pensioner who reversed into a nurse and broke both her legs managed to avoid being given a driving ban.Laura Robinson, 28, was hit when an 84-year-old woman’s Peugeot 208 hit into the back of her while she waited at a ticket machine to park her own car Knutsford, Cheshire, in August last year.Ms Robinson, from Widnes, Cheshire was thrown into the air after being reversed into and was knocked out after hitting her head against a wall.The pediatric nurse suffered two broken legs, has faced months of using wheelchairs and crutches but will not be able to work for at least another six months.Despite her agony, the 84-year-old was given just a £688 fine by Magistrates and six points on her licence for driving without due care and attention.Following the ruling, Ms Robinson has called for all driver over 70 to retake their test.Current British legislation allows drivers at the age of 70 to renew their licence for a maximum of three years by declaring themselves fit.Ms Robinson said: ‘I know this driver didn’t have any intention of hitting me but I would like to urge older drivers to be vigilant and very careful.’When older people get to 70 they should be retested instead of just simply signing a document.’They don’t know that their own reactions are slower, but as you get older of course they do.’She hit three things, me, a telecommunications box then another car – but all she said was ‘it all happened so fast’.’She gets £3,000-a-month pension and I’m left on half pay – I think it’s disgusting that she didn’t even get a road ban.’Even if she got a ban, she’d still have a bus pass and the money to get taxis everywhere.’Ms Robinson was flown by air ambulance to Wythenshawe Hospital, which left her hospitalised for three weeks and needing four operations.Doctors have told Ms Robinson, who works in the cardiac unit at Alder Hey Children’s Hosptial, that her recovery could take up to two years.Ms Robinson added: ‘They don’t think my left leg will recover fully as a pin snapped and I had to have further surgery which shattered the top of my femur.’They have wired all the fragments back together but there is nerve damage in my left leg and both feet.’Laura, who studied at Riverside College and Salford University, is undergoing physiotherapy and rehabilitation but believes her fitness is helping her recovery.’I used to go to the gym six times a week and had a very active life,’ she said.’I really do love my job and can’t wait to get back to work. It’s my dream job, I worked hard studying for five years.’Ms Robinson now wants to trace the people who helped her in the minute following her accident.Speaking about the incident, Laura said: ‘I was unconscious for a few minutes – I was thrown into the air and hit my head on a wall.’I had to have stitches on my head and broke both femurs and my right tibia – I could have had a spinal injury but those who helped knew not to move me.’I believe an army medic who was at the scene was a huge help – I received such excel Source:

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