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I Broke My Leg Roller Skating… Again: My Broken Bone Story II

Hey, remember that time I broke my leg roller skating? Yea, I did it again. Follow me on Instagram:

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October Thrift Haul: What $40 Buys You

I went thrifting, before I had this lovely cast... excuse the messy hair, but doing it without the use of one thumb is almost...

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Hazel Hayes’ Ballet Accident | 6+7/6/19

Hazel's Instagram story from when she broke her leg at the Royal Albert Hall

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Worst volleyball injury, broken leg**WARNING GRAPHIC**

SVCA tournament April 22nd 2018 Las Vegas Nevada. Skylar Everett player for the Phoenix team Arizona SKY had a horrific injury, breaking both her...

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5 cose impossibili da fare con un braccio ingessato

5 impossible things to do with a cast arm Se volete supportare il mio canale Royalty Free Music by Sound Effects by

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