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Hello, Friends! Message from Sparklefootgirl

Hello, Friends! Just a quick message to let you know SFG should be back soon with more fun casting content. Apologies for the disappearance,...

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Trailer: “Forest walk and girlfriend talk” (#legcast + #birkenstocks) Your feel-good CAST VIDEO SHOP #legcast #crutches #toeplate #birkenstocks #gipsfuss #gipsbein #zehenplatte #kr├╝cken

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Tough Break at the Lake — Crutching in the Snow, Part 2

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Cheers to a creative, healthy and happy 2022. My year is starting out with some tough breaks. Snowboarding during a storm in...

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I Was in a Wheelchair for a Month | How Long It Takes a Heal from a Broken Leg

I got emergency surgery on my leg and ended up in a wheelchair for a month. I couldn't walk and have had to relearn...

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Matilda with her first pink SLWC in Home

Full clip: in the full video you will see how matilda: - wakes up in bed - she shows her feet - she shows off her new...

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