Lesson humility

We have the expression, “If the goat had not jumped, it would not have broken its legs.” There was hardly a day when I did not hear this phrase. From neighbors, random passers-by, people in shops or wherever somebody saw me. At first I thought it was funny, then I was irritated, finally it upset me. Maybe because I always did a lot of sports and nothing happened. At first, I did not want to react to that. But then they would say that I am poorly educated. I decided to smile nicely, like a good girl, for seven weeks, and replied, “She did not jump, but broke her leg anyway.”

What the plaster taught me is humility, enormous humility. Thanks to this experience, I began to look at the world differently. I appreciate what I have and how I live every day. Because it turned out that in a split second life can turn upside down. I met the sick and the disabled who say nothing happens without a reason. I think humility is the reason for me.

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