Famous ended with the cake plastered because of one of “so many holes” of Bogotá

Her case was narrated by the presenter Julieta Piñeres on her Instagram account, along with a photo of her at the clinic where she was treated after the accident.

According to the CM & entertainment host, the situation occurred this weekend when she was exercising.

“I was running through the streets of Bogotá, I took a bad step in one of its many holes and I fell!” Julieta said, adding:

“I cried of the pain without being able to control myself and I knew that something bad had happened to me. To summarize I have a cast (as in my school years) for a few days! “
Because of the injury, the hostess will have “forced breaks”, which she has taken as a message and for that reason she has learned to “accept them calmly”.

“What does the universe mean to me this time?”, Said the celebrity, next to a postscript in which he said that in this picture came “destroyed, horrible,” as he felt at that time because of the incident.

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