Miss India 2009 – Pooja Chopra

Pooja Chopra was the winner of the Femina Miss India Pageant 2009 and qualified for the Miss World final in December 2009 in Johannesburg (South Africa). But two days before the beauty pageant final, the 23-year-old injured her left ankle while running downstairs in heels. In hospital a fracture was diagnosed and the doctor advised her to stay in bed. Nevertheless, she stood with the leg in an orthosis on the stage in the final. She got some of the loudest applause for bravely participating and reached the semi-final. In the end, a young woman -the first- from Gibraltar won the Miss World title 2009.

Later, Pooja Chopra worked successfully as an actress in India. In the end of December 2013, her left leg was severely injured by broken glass. In an emergency surgery she got 50 stitches on her leg because arteries, nerves and tendons were ruptured. She was advised to take a rest for four months. “When the filmmakers came to see me in the hospital, I told them to go ahead with the film with someone else. They refused and were very clear that they wanted me to be part of their film. Therefore, the entire schedule has been pushed back by months,” told the 27-year-old actress. In March 2014 she still could not walk with the leg but presented the Miss India app for mobile phones during the Femina Miss India contest 2014 in Mumbai.

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