MY STORY | Broken Ankle & Ankle Orif Surgery – Q&A

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♡ FEEL FREE TO LIKE, COMMENT AND SUSCRIBE! ♡ I hope you enjoyed watching this video and have a better insight of what living with a broken bone is like. Hopefully this video helps people in the same situation as me or someone that is going to have a similar procedure. If you have any questions drop them below and i will do my best to answer them. Once again a massive thanks for watching and see you next time!! Feel free to follow me on MY socials for the latest updates! Instagram – @alanah_france Snapchat – @alanahzoe If you have any suggestions for future videos drop a comment below! Thanks For Watching xxbroken arm physical therapy, broken leg, broken arm, surgery knee replacement, orthopedic surgery, broken arm doctor near me, surgery for broken leg, broken arm symptoms, surgery, fiberglass, leg cast pants, broken ankle vs sprain, broken arm sling, plaster, leg cast, leg cast walker, broken leg scooter, cast for broken arm, plaster paris, leg cast cover, casting a broken leg, broken leg cast, leg cast protector, leg cast covers for showering, cover for leg cast, fiberglass cast

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